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About Oscar Bears Childrens Nursery

Oscar Bears Children’s Nursery is a reputed, top-class nursery and childcare service located in Accrington. Our Nursery is powered by a solid staff team, who are always warm and welcoming to the children, parents and guardians. Our Children are always excited when they arrive at our nursery with our new facilities offering ample opportunity for play and various activities.

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Our Services

Playing & Learning

At Oscar Bears Childrens Nursery, our services give children a top-class early years foundation. From our pre-school classes, to Before-and-after-school-club, Short-Stay Daycare to Holiday Club and Special Lessons, our aim is to strengthen our children with the right values and upbringing, setting a solid foundation to achieve their bright futures.


Our Pre-School Classes are very popular!

Short-stay Daycare

Need emergency, short-term daycare? We are most suitable

Before and After School Club

This Service always works for parents with busy work schedules.

Holiday Club

Designed to help balance school holidays and your work commitments

Why Choose Us?

Excellent Facilities

Oscar Bears Childrens Nursery boasts some of the best facilities around to allowing our children maximise their play and learning experiences.

Babies Area

Oscar Bears has a dedicated stunning area for our lovely little ones. Parents can rest assured that lovely ones are in a good place!

Ground Floor: Toddlers

Stunning Facilities are provided for Our Toddlers to express themselves and learn through play and cooperation.

First Floor: Pre-School

Oscar Bears Childrens Nursery has stunning pre-school facilities for our very popular Pre-School Classes.


Parent Testimonial

Read the Testimonials of Parents and Guardians of Children and Graduates of Oscar Bears Childrens Nursery.